TeleVu 2000
Remote Image System

TeleVu 2000 is a unique "3-in-1" remote imaging system with image conferencing, personal communication and remote access capability. It allows people in different locations to visually communicate across a regular phone line and exchange information.

Image Conferencing
Capture and communicate images over a regular dial-up phone line. The images are synchronized so users can simultaneously view the same image, make annotations on that image, or exchange ideas using the built-in white board.

Personal Communication
Dial into a remote Bulletin Board, mainframe or host system. You can access on-line information and perform terminal emulation, send or receive files using the industry standard protocols such as X-Modem, Z-Modem, etc.

Remote Access
Access, download, modify and upload data files from the remotely connected system's floppy, hard drive, CD-ROM, etc. Single click operation lets you browse the remote drives, select the file, work with it in its original application, and then send the modified data back to the original location. No remote intervention is required.

TeleVu is a powerful, yet simple to use system. Its simplicity, mobility and low cost make it available where videoconferencing isn't cost justified or technically feasible. TeleVu provides a competitive advantage you can not afford to be without!

Supports image capture from various sources
TeleVu supports NTSC or PAL video signals. It can capture color pictures from camcorders, VCRs, industrial or digital cameras, etc. It can also scan paper documents, import images from another application, or capture a screen dump from any Windows program and share those images with a remote user.

Multi-window image viewing capability for comparison analysis
TeleVu allows side by side images display to provide both local and remote users with the ability to see various objects on their screens at one time. This feature can be used for comparing captured video images and data files such as engineering drawings, contracts, invoices, etc.

Unique collaborative "White board" feature and image editing tools
TeleVu lets you design, outline and brainstorm on an innovative "White Board" with another user in the shared viewing mode. You can use graphic tools to draw illustrations and exchange ideas during a conference session. Shared pointers, text annotation, zoom in/out, panning, image inversion and drawing capabilities for captured images are included.

E-Mail enabled
For remote sites that are in a different time zone, or when no one is there to accept the call, TeleVu allows you to "E-mail" messages or images to the unattended remote station. It supports popular E-Mail systems such as MS Mail, cc:Mail, Novell MHS and Lotus Notes.

Powerful and affordable Local or Mobile computing
TeleVu supports the TWAIN interface, so you can use the PC's parallel port to capture video images and send them over the telephone line using an ordinary Hayes compatible modem. It can also be employed on your PC local area network (Novell compatible) or on a wide area platform that utilizes leased lines, satellite or cellular communications.

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